Chris Nault

Sales & Marketing Director/Owner

Superhero Doppelganger: Superman

Our company’s founder, Chris Nault, started his career early in marketing and sales. In 2007, he started what became the largest curated event guide in Central and South Florida that lasted over a decade, Whats2Hot.com. Opening a new chapter, in 2017, he was dedicated to providing his knowledge and resource for businesses through Growth Marketing Firm. As an Eagle Scout, philanthropist, entrepreneur and creative spirit, Chris’ passion for success has helped businesses across the country meet and exceed their goals by working together.

Mikey Vazquez

Creative Lead

Superhero Doppelganger: Batman

Purpose-driven creative professional with over 15 years of experience successfully implementing fresh ideas and opportunities to any company eager to grow. A creative visionary with the ability to blend new technologies and marketing concepts to engage consumers and expand business impact exponentially. A strong leader who consistently inspires the team to reach and exceed objectives.

Emily Wagner

Events Coordinator

Superhero Doppelganger: Wonder Woman

A professional multi-tasker and jack-of-all-trades, Emily is a creative individual that can envision the big picture of any event, while still organizing all the fine details. Working for almost a decade for Disney, she is driven to provide the best customer service and go above and beyond to create the magic and results for clients. While being a nerdy book dragon and part-time Jedi, her passions lies in artistic design and illustrations, continued personal growth, saving all the animals and making people laugh.

Hayden Nault

Digital Infrastructure Specialist

Superhero Doppelganger: The Flash

Hayden enjoys concentrating on the fine details and minute changes that can make a good project exceptional. Using up-to-date technology and practices he crafts effecient, engaging infrastructure for projects in any area of expertise. With a background in the arts, creative design, and event management, he is ready to make your project a reality.