We are passionate about your success.

When meeting new clients we love to see the passion they have for their company, this, in turn, drives us to become just as passionate about that brand. Creating company growth takes care, time and dedication. Our firm understands this process, and when you entrust your company to us, we work with just as much determination to help you bloom.

We want to go above and beyond the traditional marketing experience and create tangible results and exceed expectations for your company. This can be seen by the visual cornerstone of our own brand, our logo. We like to think of our logo fits along with our name, in that we as a company and team are always growing! The story behind our logo was created almost by accident (or as we come to think of it, Fate). Our fearless leader was out walking and found a seed, which he decided to take home and care for it. This process then planted an idea into his head… to start a company that would help others to grow! This story gave birth to our logo, the three strong leafed plant, which represents our three services and three ground rules that is the foundation for our growth. After all three is the magic number!

A trifecta of world-class services.

Our three services are Branding, Marketing, and Events. Each of these aspects intertwines with each other to make one strong bond for a company. We work closely with you to help create a unique brand that will help take marketing to a whole new level. Your company’s identity can be visually expressed through your own logo, which, along with your company’s name is one of the primary aspects that will make your business memorable. Producing Events allows your company to create lasting memories for your clients and to extend your brand and company right into their hands.

Our three ground rules are the same for our team as they are for us working closely with clients which are Honesty, Communication, and Family. We are nothing if not completely honest and upfront with everyone who walks through our doors, because honestly, we are too busy to not be anything else! At Growth Marketing Firm we want to earn the trust of all our clients and being fully open allows us to do that. Communication is key and in our opinion, one of the top examples of being honest. In fact, we may overshare at times, but we see this as a positive for our clients to know what is always happening on our end. We never want anyone to be left in the dark- having a light is key to Growth after all!

Ready. Set. Grow.

No matter if you are a brand new or seasoned client, you may even be a future employee… we want to make everyone feel like part of the family and have an important role in each other’s growth.

For anyone who is wondering… the seed is alive and blooming in our Orlando office!