Carve out your own distinctive identity. Branding is not only what your company looks and sounds like, but the very personality and values that define it.

Graphic Design and Production

Graphic Design and Production Are you able to look at a logo and know immediately what brand, company or organization it is associated with? It doesn’t even have to be in color… Nike Swoosh? Apple’s Apple? McDonalds Arches? Any of these sound familiar? All of these were beautifully crafted graphic designs that have established themselves into pop culture fame along with their branding. At Growth Marketing Firm, we know how these formulas for professional graphic and print design are crafted and perceived by a wide range of audiences!

Logo Design

Logo design is supposed to inspire! It aims to make you immediately recognize the brand, inspire that trust and loyalty, gain admiration and imply superiority. It may be a small aspect of a company’s commercial brand, but a good logo design has the power to help set you above and beyond as an identity that encompasses all those thoughts and feelings similar to when you thought about your favorite logos.

Content Development

When creating fresh content for your website or marketing strategies, it can become difficult for a number of reasons. You may not know which direction to start writing your content. Perhaps you want something new and engaging, but you are experiencing writer's block. One of the biggest setbacks is that many are so busy running their company that they just don’t have time to execute a process in which to develop amazing content! At Growth Marketing Firm we are driven to developing this process for you.


Reach your target audience. Through data-driven research and analytics we can promote your company's service or product to the specific groups it will interest.

Email Marketing

Have you ever started going through your emails and realizing you have so many that it is probably time to clean up your inbox? Then as you are clicking through each one, an email grabs your attention … you click open and notice that it is a coupon to that new farm-to-table, shabby chic French restaurant that you have been dying to try. You have just become a part of an Email Marketing campaign. Congrats! Email marketing is 6x more likely to get a click-through than one with Twitter. Maybe that is because email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel available.

Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps you feel like you just performed a magic spell when you begin to search on Google (or maybe it’s another search engine you enjoy) and the website that is most relevant to you shows up at the top of the first page. While there are many different aspects that go into Google’s algorithm, some of the most interesting things that take place are what is happening behind the scenes of search engines. Our team knows and understands how to make a website responsive to these searches and how certain content can perform amazingly well from a search engine perspective. Growth Marketing Firm is a full-service marketing agency that goes the extra mile to make that magic happen.

Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development In today’s technology-driven age, most people turn to the internet to find information, this includes searching for products and services they may be trying to locate. Most businesses understand the importance and necessity of having an active website. However, just because a website is live, does not mean that it is good. A website nowadays has to be engaging to the consumer and simple enough to navigate. To gain that audience your website also needs to be able to increase your visibility from a search engine perspective. The first step is to get your website ranked on the first page of Google, which is to turn to Growth Marketing Firm to get you there!


Establish your presence. Capture your audience and grow your business through live events catered to your specific needs.

Community Outreach and PR

Community Outreach and PR Have you ever talked to someone for so long that their eyes tend to glaze over and you realize that they zoned way before you noticed? It doesn’t matter that you are so incredibly passionate about your topic of discussion, they had no interest in hearing it and your detailed speech is now falling on deaf ears? That’s Community Outreach. Don’t get discouraged! It is just more of a difficult challenge for communication, and at Growth Marketing Firm we LOVE a challenge!

Event Branding

Event Branding is a tool used to shape an event and make it recognizable to guests and consumers. It is more or less a collection of elements that reflect your brand, which makes the event memorable. If you already have an amazing brand, adding an event will make it produce a sense of “must attend, can’t miss!” it is almost like adding an additional twist to your company’s growth. Your Brand, on the rocks, with a twist makes an event brand….and a delicious drink!

Event Marketing

Growth Marketing Firm creates these types of promotional strategies for client contact bringing them face-to-face with your business. We have created several outlets for special events such as festivals, parties and even boozy brunches that have worked in engaging consumers. And guess what… we are not done yet! Not only do we love throwing events that create lasting memories for both consumers and clients, but we have found that through Event Marketing strategies (such as these) it creates unique individualized impressions to each consumer. Making a consumer FEEL is one of the best marketing tools ever… just look at Disney commercials.

Logistics, Operations, & Staffing

Our team has a major event problem… the problem is we LOVE to do them! We know that not only is it difficult to plan and organize a large scale event, but a day of event management can be stressful as well. That is why at Growth Marketing Firm, we do ALL of it for you. From the creation and development aspects, all the way down to the minute logistics of the event day of, we are there every step of the way.