Have you ever started going through your emails and realizing you have so many that it is probably time to clean up your inbox? Then as you are clicking through each one, an email grabs your attention … you click open and notice that it is a coupon to that new farm-to-table, shabby chic French restaurant that you have been dying to try. You have just become a part of an Email Marketing campaign. Congrats! Email marketing is 6x more likely to get a click-through than one with Twitter. Maybe that is because email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel available.

We know the formula for a successful email marketing campaign.

In addition to social media marketing, email marketing is one of the cheapest marketing strategies in the industry. There are now multiple ways to communicate with your audience, yet email marketing remains one of the most successful ways to reach your past present and future clients. We are a full-service marketing and technology company that is focused on the growth, development, and success of your company and brand!

The truth about email marketing.

It may seem as if email marketing campaigns are a way to discount your business or services, but that is a common misconception! While many of these email strategies do center on a promotion or discount, which is not something that everyone has to follow, especially if it does not make sense for your business. Some other forms of reaching your client base through email include:

  • Events- Maybe you are sponsoring or participating in a local event. Using email is an easy and efficient way to let your client base know that you are active in and around the community. This also creates interest and credibility to your brand (and … we also help create events!)
  • Team Members- Has your company recently hired someone new? Or did one of your employees just finish a huge marathon and the entire team went out to support said member? Shout it out! Let your clients know that you uplift each other and care about others’ accomplishments!
  • New/update looks- Maybe not your boss’s new hair cut (but it does look great, Susan!) Maybe your business recently switched locations or got a much-needed redecoration. Invite clients to come and check out the new space! Get them in the door to see the new vibe that new mural or plant wall is giving off and while they are there, discuss any services they may need.
  • So much more! We foster creativity at Growth. Have an idea? Tell us and what dreams you’d like for us to turn into reality!

Ready. Set. Grow.

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So what does it take to have a successful email marketing campaign? At Growth Marketing Firm, we understand what that means! Our email marketing strategies have undergone several years of experience across multiple industries. We have worked with a wide range of clients, each with different goals, services, and messages. Regardless of how you want your email campaign to look or message you would like communicated, there is no project we can’t handle!