Event Messaging

So you want to host an event to help promote your company? Great! You’ve got a theme, a venue, caterers, special activities/experiences planned (maybe a fire eater! Because it’s amazing and you want to use the punch line “looks like he ate something spicy!” to all your new potential clients). You spend months planning and have thought of all the important checklists you can think of. It’s the night of the event and only a few handfuls of people have shown up. What happened? You sent out invites. You made sure to mention it at every client lunch meeting. Something must have gone wrong in the messaging that was sent out.

We understand the importance of event messaging.

Messaging for any event is important because if you don’t get the message out there, how will people know there is an event in the first place? Our team consists of experts who know how to get the message out! We know what works to get those email links clicked. We understand what type of Facebook ad is going to be most engaging to target market audiences, not to mention what underdog social media pages are key in promoting these events.

At Growth Marketing Firm, we have said it before and we will say it again, we LOVE events! We want to make sure your message gets put out into the universe and generates positive interest and ticket sales! Not only have we experienced firsthand the importance of event messages and how to properly send them out, but we can assist in navigating your company through the perils of having your emails become stuck in a rut creatively and from those messages sent to the dreaded spam folder! The Horror!!

Our team is made up of event wizards who know the significance of great event messages such as emails, promotional ads, media outreach, and PR, as well as direct mailers and hand to hand marketing tools. With our creative magical touch, we can devise and execute a messaging plan that will have your next event rocking! In today’s technology-driven world, we understand that it can be difficult to wade through all the other announcements of events and competition for promotional viewership. Believe us, we know that we are not only competing with online attention but also against real people who your audience knows and trusts. Having this knowledge we aim to optimize event message marketing strategies for engagement and not just for conversion. Our ability to create engaging messaging can have your events THE event to be at!

Ready. Set. Grow.

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Growth Marketing Firm is consistently learning and growing itself. That is what makes us unique is that we want to always be improving. “You’re only as good as your last event!” as our fearless leader always likes to mention. The team likes to take this saying even further- “We are only as good as we limit ourselves to be.” With today’s evolving strategies and technology, we know that our work and growth is never limited. We can promise that our knowledge is always growing and we want to share that knowledge with you. Let Growth Marketing Firm help you GROW!