Let’s say you decide to go out for the day and do a little shopping at the mall (yes, they still exist!). While you are there chowing down on an Auntie Anne’s pretzel sample, because the lady was handing them out and it smelled so good, you get shuffled into the folds of a Flash Mob! Clearly not knowing the steps to their rendition of There’s No Business Like Show Business, you maneuver your way out of the dancers only to trip over a vendor’s table where they have a drawing for a free iPad. Clearly Fate is telling you to sign up! Before you know it, you are heading back home with a belly full of pretzel, whistling a catching tune with optimism bouncing around your mind that you could be gifted a gadget from the Gods!

You have also just experienced 3 different forms of Event Marketing! Let’s review… Auntie Anne’s was handing out samples to hunger shoppers in hopes that just a taste would be enough to convince you that your empty belly needed more. Which, it probably did. Next, those dancers weren’t just there to make an awesome YouTube video, they were the actors from the local playhouse promoting their revival of Annie Get Your Gun! Debuting next week. Finally, tripping over that table doesn’t mean you are clumsy (unless you tend to be accident-prone) - they were CLEARLY in the way! But they were there on purpose to promote their company by signing you up for a chance to win something! Did you write down an email address right? Now it is in their database for future promotions, events, etc. Chances are you probably will not win that iPad…kidding! All the luck to you!

Ready. Set. Grow.

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Why choose Growth Marketing Firm for Event Marketing?

Growth Marketing Firm creates these types of promotional strategies for client contact bringing them face-to-face with your business. We have created several outlets for special events such as festivals, parties and even boozy brunches that have worked in engaging consumers. And guess what… we are not done yet! Not only do we love throwing events that create lasting memories for both consumers and clients, but we have found that through Event Marketing strategies (such as these) it creates unique individualized impressions to each consumer. Making a consumer FEEL is one of the best marketing tools ever… just look at Disney commercials.

Did you know that a 2012 study showed that 58% of event marketing participants made the purchase of that marketed product right after the event? In that same study they found that 86% of those same participants later on became regular customers! Having a successful event doesn’t mean that there is just a large crowd of people (although that helps) but it is getting the right audience, interacting with them and creating those long-lasting relationships.

We believe we are only as good as our last event, which is why we are always trying to go bigger, think larger and achieve the impossible. That’s Growth!