Do ever get caught up in daydreams and letting your mind wander, it goes back to a specific incident? Perhaps there was an event that you were attending, which was an amazing experience. The party to make all other parties live up to. The music was jamming, you decided to dance like no one was watching. All of a sudden you look up and someone IS watching! Your eyes meet- electricity hits. You approach them and start talking. This is The One! The love of your life! You decide to go get you two some drinks, but as you walk back to the table they had disappeared? POOF!

No? Just me?

… Moving on.

Then, as you are sitting in traffic, berating your memories for missing that one chance at happiness, you stop and think, what party was that at again? Oh, that’s right! Company (insert name here)! You then wonder if they have any more parties coming up… maybe the one that got away will be there. Now you are checking this Company’s website and Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/obscure social media platform sites to see what’s on their calendar. How did you recall that specific event? Connecting point A to point B in your memories? It was all done through Event Branding.

What is Event Branding and why does it matter?

Event Branding is a tool used to shape an event and make it recognizable to guests and consumers. It is more or less a collection of elements that reflect your brand, which makes the event memorable. If you already have an amazing brand, adding an event will make it produce a sense of “must attend, can’t miss!” it is almost like adding an additional twist to your company’s growth. Your Brand, on the rocks, with a twist makes an event brand….and a delicious drink!

With the assistance of Growth Marketing Firm, we can create the right Event Brand that you want to project and have others recognize instantly. We’ve been around enough that we know a thing or two about what makes event brands work, recognized and a success. We believe that through Events, companies are able to extend their brand by using their Brand! It’s almost like a game to us, creating a unique experience that makes your market crave that authentic familiarity in a memorable affair. Almost like a puzzle of subliminal messaging and symbolism.

Ready. Set. Grow.

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Why choose Growth Marketing Firm?

One of the key factors we attribute to event branding success is consistency. Because we work as a team, we are always making sure that, in every aspect we do, it is consistent. To make sure we stay on brand and are consistent, we communicate with one another because if we DON’T, we could miss an opportunity… just like with the one that got away.

Along with success, our team knows that in order to make consumers come to attend events over and over again, it is to resonate with emotions. Have an impact that pulls at their heart strings, or lets them experience the time of their lives! Almost every memory that we can conjure in our mind’s eye is possible by a simple emotion. Event Branding is just a mental shortcut. Once you create an event that creates that memory, associating your brand will be as simple as connecting 2 dots. Let Growth Marketing Firm help you connect those dots easily through our knowledge with Event Branding.