Have you ever talked to someone for so long that their eyes tend to glaze over and you realize that they zoned way before you noticed? It doesn’t matter that you are so incredibly passionate about your topic of discussion, they had no interest in hearing it and your detailed speech is now falling on deaf ears?

That’s Community Outreach.

Don’t get discouraged! It is just more of a difficult challenge for communication, and at Growth Marketing Firm we LOVE a challenge!

Why is community outreach important?

Let’s put it this way, people tend to seek out products and services that will assist them at that moment, whereas all other times they are usually walking with blinders on. Oblivious to new messages because they are not proactively seeking out a new cause to support, finding a way to change behaviors or learning about new information. Basically, the people you are trying to communicate your message to are not buying what you’re selling and probably don’t care.

So the main goal of community outreach is to MAKE community care! So now the question is How? Most companies or organizations tend to miss the mark when it comes to this, thinking that focusing on one aspect of communication will drive results.

We understand community outreach and public relations.

Our team knows that coming up with a strategic plan to engage the right audience, through the right channels at exactly the right time, will make Community Outreach an enormous positive with marketing and Public Relations. We delight in the fact that we can seize the opportunity to control messages that give the first impression to audiences. We pull out all the stops to get your messages across target markets that will assist in the recognition of brands, companies, and organizations.

We believe in building partnerships in the community. After all one of our pillars is Family! What better way to create these relationships than to engage and help each other grow. These partnerships create a network of support systems for us to call upon or utilize. Remember that old saying “Don’t burn your bridges!”? It’s true…your mother was right.

Ready. Set. Grow.

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One word: Communication.

With any type of Public Relations or Outreach plan, communication is key! Seeing as how one of our other pillars to our vision is Communication, it makes sense. It’s like we know what we are talking about. Having this knowledge at the back of our minds, we know how important it is to be responsive to inquiries and keep communication flowing. How do we get those inquiries? By knowing how to get those target audiences to stumble upon or discover your message themselves. People will always support ideas that they think are their own.

Our team at Growth Marketing Firm values our ability to create strategies to this difficult communication area. Remember, you only get one shot to make a great first impression, why not ask for the best to provide that?