Establish your presence. Capture your audience and grow your business through live events catered to your specific needs.

Community Outreach and PR

Community Outreach and PR Have you ever talked to someone for so long that their eyes tend to glaze over and you realize that they zoned way before you noticed? It doesn’t matter that you are so incredibly passionate about your topic of discussion, they had no interest in hearing it and your detailed speech is now falling on deaf ears? That’s Community Outreach. Don’t get discouraged! It is just more of a difficult challenge for communication, and at Growth Marketing Firm we LOVE a challenge!

Event Messaging

Messaging for any event is important because if you don’t get the message out there, how will people know there is an event in the first place? Our team consists of experts who know how to get the message out! We know what works to get those email links clicked. We understand what type of Facebook ad is going to be most engaging to target market audiences, not to mention what underdog social media pages are key in promoting these events.

Event Branding

Event Branding is a tool used to shape an event and make it recognizable to guests and consumers. It is more or less a collection of elements that reflect your brand, which makes the event memorable. If you already have an amazing brand, adding an event will make it produce a sense of “must attend, can’t miss!” it is almost like adding an additional twist to your company’s growth. Your Brand, on the rocks, with a twist makes an event brand….and a delicious drink!

Event Marketing

Growth Marketing Firm creates these types of promotional strategies for client contact bringing them face-to-face with your business. We have created several outlets for special events such as festivals, parties and even boozy brunches that have worked in engaging consumers. And guess what… we are not done yet! Not only do we love throwing events that create lasting memories for both consumers and clients, but we have found that through Event Marketing strategies (such as these) it creates unique individualized impressions to each consumer. Making a consumer FEEL is one of the best marketing tools ever… just look at Disney commercials.

Logistics, Operations, & Staffing

Our team has a major event problem… the problem is we LOVE to do them! We know that not only is it difficult to plan and organize a large scale event, but a day of event management can be stressful as well. That is why at Growth Marketing Firm, we do ALL of it for you. From the creation and development aspects, all the way down to the minute logistics of the event day of, we are there every step of the way.