Recently I have purchased a product and when I arrived home, attached to the tag of the item was a smaller tag attached… it was an image of a rose. On the back of it, it read “A rose just for you.” I felt special… no one ever gives me flowers, paper or otherwise. I held onto it taking note of the brand so I could remember this little extra special touch.

We understand the importance of collateral design.

This is an example of how brand collateral can be used to promote business and support sales and marketing. It is a tangible piece of evidence of your brand specifically designed with the company’s core values and personality in mind. Making sure your creative materials are aligned play a key factor in associating your brand with your clients and consumers. With increased brand equity you also increase the brand’s credibility, trust and ROI potential.

Creative brand collateral can be almost, if not, anything that pertains to your brand. From website to the logo, to business cards, even reusable bags or printed roses, these more often than not tangible items are ways to get your brand into the hands of clients. Often companies will create inconsistencies with their collateral branding, allowing every creative mind to develop their own personal sub-brand. This creates confusion for clients. Imagine seeing 4 different prospects for a sales perspective, all a little different from each other, but then you notice… they all have the same company name! Wouldn’t you be a tad bit confused why there are so many different brand messages for one firm? This makes it almost impossible for a potential client to decipher what your company is about.

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At Growth Marketing Firm we see the potential for creating unique and innovative design. Paying attention to small details of every brand, we pride ourselves on the ability to grow the potential of any business. Some examples of Brand collateral we help to design and create include (but not limited to):

  • Websites
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads / Stationary
  • Brochures (print & digital)
  • Newsletters (print & digital)
  • Facebook pages
  • Packaging
  • Direct mail
  • Advertising
  • Displays
  • Signage
  • Graphics and Logos
  • HD Photography / Video
  • Branded tools such as PowerPoint and Presentations
  • AND MORE!!! Just ask- we love to get creative!

Growth Marketing Firm can provide your brand collateral.

These examples are all carefully and skillfully crafted and designed with a specific tactic of expanding a brand’s message and potential to gain clients for a business. Most of these items are a potential consumer’s first impression of a brand… shouldn’t it grab the attention of that consumer and make them take note? These designs are an integral part of bringing a brand together and making sure the company’s overall image is projected correctly. Our team is experienced in what today’s market is geared towards and what makes them stop in their tracks to notice a service or product. We can make your design pull a customer in… seduce a client with unique creative branding. Growth Marketing Firm is here to grow your brand collateral.