Think of some of your favorite logos. Are they big name brands that are easily recognizable? Is the company behind this design one you would trust? Have you become a loyal lifelong customer because of that satisfaction guarantee when you use their products or services?… Their graphic designer must be amazing to get you to feel all that!

This is exactly what a logo design is supposed to inspire! It aims to make you immediately recognize the brand, inspire that trust and loyalty, gain admiration and imply superiority. It may be a small aspect of a company’s commercial brand, but a good logo design has the power to help set you above and beyond as an identity that encompasses all those thoughts and feelings similar to when you thought about your favorite logos.

First impressions matter.

Our dedicated team at Growth Marketing Firm understands that your business should always be well represented. Think of it as your first solid first impression on the world. First impressions are a vital part of any new partnership, and if your brand or logo is not memorable it can hinder the future of your company. We love creating eye-catching logos that represent a wide variety of clientele. The importance of brand marketing and logo design plays a major influence on current and future clients and consumers. We have said it before and we will say it again… we LOVE a challenge! Creating a new identity through logos is a challenge that we are always excited to conquer.

Ready. Set. Grow.

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We develop brands that resonate.

Our team can guarantee a unique design that is customized specifically to your business. We have the most dynamic team whose experiences have craved a creative outlet in the marketing industry. We love to create emotional brands that resonate with a client’s audience. We want you to be noticed! Whether your current and future clients are browsing your website or are looking at your business card, yours is the brand that you want them to remember.

But what if you don’t know what kind of design you are trying to create for that instant recognition? No problem! Our team is experienced in all aspects of what makes a great design and can assist with guidance on typography (fonts for fancy people), what colors are going to work best (did you know colors can trigger certain emotions?!) and if an image or illustration will drive better results. We can help give you the edge on your competitors and make your brand soar!

Why choose Growth Marketing Firm?

Anyone can hire a freelance designer on a third party website to create a logo on a cheap budget, but at Growth Marketing Firm, our designers experience and knowledge span across multiple industries and are determined to set up your brand’s success with a full-service marketing and technology that you cannot find anywhere else in Orlando. Because our services are driven by customer satisfaction, we will always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the results. Growth Marketing Firm is determined to make you Grow!